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About Me

I have a business degree and thoroughly enjoy crunching numbers and have also pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to reach some personal goals (I have a pilot's license!), but have recently started remembering fondly that I have a creative side as well.  I started an Etsy shop in 2018 and have been humbled by the wonderful response to my products!  It gives me joy to make something by hand and ship my little products around the country!    I also enjoy photography and approaching it from my own perspective.   Photography for me is about living in the moment and appreciating the beauty in what is in front of my camera.  Whether it is a home, flower, landscape or portrait,  my perfectionist side means that I take exceptional pride in capturing and producing quality photos for myself and my clients.   I especially enjoy a quiet hike outdoors with my camera, capturing the beautiful and simple details in nature, landscapes and the seasons. So often in our busy lives, we forget to stop and admire the simple details all around us every single day. Over the years, I have learned that there is nothing more important than family.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and two daughters that amaze me more and more every day. I hope you enjoy browsing my photos.